Feline Fine Cat Clinic follows the most-recent and ever-evolving CDC, Oregon OSHA, OVMA, and Oregon state guidelines with regards to operating a veterinary clinic during the COVID-19 pandemic. Appropriate masks covering the nose and mouth will be required of any clients permitted to enter the building until further notice. Please call us at 541-306-2442 or email us at for further details, including instructions about current policies regarding curbside appointments.
Feline Fine Cat Clinic

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Where Cats Are Treated Like Royalty

Modern, personalized, low-stress feline veterinary care in beautiful Bend, Oregon
Modern, personalized, low-stress feline veterinary care in beautiful Bend, Oregon

Purr Majesty

Tired of feeling like cats are an afterthought at the vet? At Feline Fine Cat Clinic, we treat cats like the majestic creatures they are! As self-professed crazy cat people, our staff give kitties the respect and the space they deserve. No dog sights, smells, and barks. An entire veterinary practice focused on your cat’s wellness and stress levels to keep them “feline fine”.

Low-Stress Veterinary Experience

at our modern feline-only clinic

no dogs allowed

No Dogs Allowed!

No dog smells, dog barking, or dog stares to cause extra stress to your feline pet.

smitten with kittens

We're Smitten With Kittens

Our entire team is CRAZY about cats (in a good way)! We love felines as much as you, and we are not afraid to show it.

feline fine focus

Feline Fine Focus

As all we see are cats, we are always on the lookout for new and improved ways to better serve the medical needs of our feline patients.

Kitty Companion Care

Services we offer

Wellness and Whole Health

Care focused on keeping cats “feline fine”! Maintaining happy healthy kitties, and the prevention of infectious diseases.

Illness, Injury, and Behavior Problems

We utilize cutting edge equipment and extensive training to diagnose and treat your cat’s health concerns.

Procedures and Oral Surgery

Elective surgeries, including spay and neuter, and non-elective procedures, such as wound repair and dental extractions with oral radiographs.

End of Life Care

Hospice, palliative, and quality of life evaluations. We are also here to guide you through the difficult steps of saying goodbye to a beloved pet.

Pharmacy and Retail

 We carry a stock of medications, supplements, prescription diets, and general cat-related supplies such as cat carriers. Products can also be ordered through our online-pharmacy with home delivery for your convenience. Additionally, we rotate through a fun selection of cat-themed items for our clients, such as jewelry, art, mugs, etc.

No More CATastrophic Trips To The Vet

No More CATastrophic Trips To The Vet

Does “Meeeow! Hissss!!!” sound familiar to anyone?

While we can’t promise that your kitty will purr with contentment during a visit with us (although we welcome all head butts with enthusiasm), schedule an appointment today to see the difference in your and your kitty’s stress levels at our inviting and modern clinic that is entirely centered around all things cats.

Let’s Get Meow-ving!

Where do we go from here?

let's talk kitties

Let's talk kitties!

Chat with one of our friendly and compassionate staff members to set up an initial appointment, and to discuss how we can best serve you and your cat’s needs. 

meet your pet's doctor
meet your pets doctor

Meet your pet’s doctor

After our assistant or technician takes your pet’s medical history, our veterinarian will perform an examination on your feline companion. We will then work with you to discuss and complete an appropriate medical plan.

maintain consistent veterinary care

Maintain consistent veterinary care

Cats often hide signs of discomfort. Regular check-ups help us detect and address subtle health changes, allowing for a longer, healthier, happier life for your pet.
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